The New Jedi Order Encyclopedia, also known as NJOE and currently NJOE: Beyond the New Jedi Order, is a website created in November 2000, by Jeff Driscoll.

Originally, the site was intended to cover the New Jedi Order series. Starting with the release of Dark Nest I: The Joiner King, it also began covering the post-NJO stories of the Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force, and Star Wars: Legacy. It provides a detailed database of characters, species, governments, weapons, technology, and battles, along with interviews of various notable Lucasfilm employees, such as Abel G. Peña.[1]

The site participated in the viral marketing campaign Death Troopers: Recovered Messages from Purge to promote the release of the novel Death Troopers.[2] In the summer of 2010 a leaked sales database was featured on the site indicating the previously canceled Darth Plagueis novel had been revived. This was later confirmed by Lucas Licensing executive editor Sue Rostoni on her blog.

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