New Lowick was a settlement that was located on the planet Nyriaan.


In 29 BBY, the Corporate Sector Authority persuaded larges numbers of Pa'lowicks to emigrate the the planet Nyriaan, to work in the CSA's madilon mines. However, the Pa'lowicks were forced to undertake back-breaking labor, so a number of them abandoned their masters and established New Lowick, which they modeled on a traditional Pa'lowick village.

Word of New Lowick eventually reached the CSA and they sent retrieval teams there, to capture Pa'lowicks who had breached their CSA work contracts. In addition, the CSA also captured a number of Pa'lowicks who were legally free, then brought the captives back to the mines. New Lowick eventually developed into a thriving community, but the CSA continued to raid it occasionally and posed a constant threat.