"Don't ever say that name again. It annoys me."
Warlord Zsinj[src]

New Oldtown was a farming community on Aldivy.

Sometime prior to 7 ABY, Admiral Apwar Trigit ordered the people of New Oldtown to provide his ship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Implacable, with supplies. The people of the city refused, and Trigit obliterated the settlement. Very few citizens of New Oldtown survived, mostly natives who were out of the city at the time.

Lara Notsil and Tavin Notsil were natives of New Oldtown. Lara Notsil died in the bombardment, but Tavin Notsil was away at the time despite being sentenced to imprisonment in the city jail. When Gara Petothel assumed Lara's identity, Warlord Zsinj had a temporary structure built on the ruins of New Oldtown where Petothel was to meet Tavin Notsil and a representative of Zsinj's forces.

Upon hearing the city's name, Warlord Zsinj immediately disliked it. He joked that perhaps Trigit had destroyed it because it has such a terrible name. He then ordered his second-in-command, General Melvar, never to speak the city's name in his presence.



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