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"My son has a big mouth and is prone to outrageous speeches, but he's not a rebel. He'll see the value of the New Order when he grows older."
Captain Hiram Zataire, to ISB Agent Kallus[src]

The New Order was the name given to the political program adopted by the First Galactic Empire,[1] and the ideology of COMPNOR,[2] with the Grand Architect of the New Order responsible for its political message.[3] When Sheev Palpatine proclaimed himself Emperor in front of the whole Galactic Senate, he promised that his new regime would usher in a thousand years of peace by ending the corruption and ineptitude of the old political system.[4] The chief values of the regime, such as order, control, and the rule of law, were written on a stone spire located on Monument Plaza, Coruscant.[5]



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