"Serve me well, Toth, and you'll hold a prominent place in our New Order."
Count Dooku to Captain Cavik Toth[src]

The term New Order was used by members of the Separatist Council and other Separatists to describe the vision of a decentralized, corporate-friendly galaxy as represented by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This contrasted with the use of the term "Old Order" to represent the Galactic Republic. The idea of a separatist New Order was nearly eradicated when the Empire crushed the last organized remnants of the Confederacy and nationalized most of the cartels. However, the Separatist's New Order continued all the way to the fall of the Geonosis droid foundries.

Whether the use of "New Order" by both the Confederacy and the Galactic Empire was due to them both being led by Palpatine, or just coincidence, is unknown.


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