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New Reborn Face

A typical New Reborn.

The New Reborn was a Sith organization which was part of the Sith cult, the Disciples of Ragnos, under the leadership of Tavion Axmis.

Ties with the RebornEdit

After Desann's defeat, those Reborn who had survived rallied under Tavion Axmis, Desann's apprentice whose life Kyle Katarn had spared on Bespin. Tavion, with the support of the Imperial Remnant, had established a Sith cult called the Disciples of Ragnos, whose aim was to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos and take over the galaxy. The Reborn serving Tavion changed their name to the "New Reborn" and replaced their hooded uniforms with heavy battle suits, increasing their combat survivability. They were the elite of the cult, possessing better fighting skills and a greater array of dark side Force powers than the ordinary cultists.

Force and combat skillsEdit

Reborn jedi

A New Reborn battling a Jedi Knight.

With the experience gained from serving Desann and their subsequent retraining by Tavion, the New Reborn were the cult's most deadly members. They possessed superior lightsaber skills and greater knowledge of dark side Force powers than the ordinary Sith Cultists or Reborn under Desann's leadership, with a good knowledge of dark side Force techniques. They were more skilled in lightsaber combat than cultists, being able to hold their own against, or in some cases defeat, average Jedi. The New Reborn wore either red battle suits or blue battle suits. It seemed that the Reborn who wore the red suits were slightly more skilled in dark side Force techniques than the ones who wore blue, although their lightsaber abilities were more or less equal. Many were able to apply Jar'Kai and double-bladed lightsaber combat. In combat they expressed arrogant behavior and often taunted their opponents to try and lower their resolve. The New Reborn sometimes preferred to spring on their opponents from a hiding place such as a ledge, ceiling or alcove rather than face them head on like a cultist.

In the same manner as Desann, Tavion dispatched her Cultists and New Reborn on various missions to locations all over the Galaxy. The New Reborn were usually only present on missions of higher importance where the mediocre skills of the cultists were not enough to accomplish their tasks successfully. On these missions they faced several Jedi Knights from Skywalker's academy, among others Kyle Katarn, who was now a Jedi Master, and his highly talented apprentice, Jaden Korr. Korr most of all proved to be a nemesis of the Cultists and New Reborn, as many of them met their end at the blade of Korr's lightsaber.

Defeat at KorribanEdit

The New Reborn gathered in force but met their ultimate end on the planet Korriban. The battle was heated and the New Reborn and cultists took a toll on the army of Jedi from Skywalker's academy as they had the advantage in numbers. The epic battle took place among the ancient Sith temples and tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Despite their initial efforts at keeping the Jedi at bay, Jaden Korr eventually penetrated their defenses and killed most New Reborn who had fortified themselves inside in the Tomb of Marka Ragnos.

Prominent New RebornEdit


One of the Kothos twins.

Especially prominent New Reborn members were the Kothos twins, a pair of vicious Force users.

The ranks of the New Reborn also included a handful of Reborn Masters. These skilled darksiders wore purple battle armor and wielded long lightsabers with hilts that resembled that of their original master, Desann. They were very powerful in both light and dark side Force techniques and were more than a match for most Jedi, such was their skill.

Behind the scenesEdit

All the Reborns in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game are voiced by the same two voice actors: Alastair Duncan and Dee Bradley Baker. These are different from the Reborn's voice actors in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, unlike in the German dub of the series where the same set of actors can be heard in both games. Due to the New Reborn's different character (less organized, more secretive), however, their mannerism and speaking habits were radically changed in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Whereas the "Old" Reborn followed a rather formal speech pattern, up to using almost outdated honorifics and addressing opponents with "Ihr", the New Reborn stick to the colloquial "Du" and use more rude speech patterns without the elaborate language of their predecessors.


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