The New Regime was the contemporary system of government established on the planet of Brigia, prior to 1 BBY. In an effort to modernize their society, the Brigians formed the New Regime by hiring an off-planet developmental consulting firm to aid them in forming a new system of government. One of the first objectives the firm accomplished, was to replace bartering and local coinages with a planetary-wide monetary system, which gave the Regime a secure grasp on planetary and interplanetary trade. The purchase of an outmoded Marauder class pocket-ship was also executed primarily for appearance, but under the pretense of planetary defense.

The Inner Council was established as the ruling contingent of the New Regime. It was this council who issued the Regime's mandates and met with Imperial delegates and Tion Hegemony representatives. It was the Internal Security Police force that was established to provide the defensive and peacekeeping duties for the New Regime.

The developmental consulting firm that was contracted by the Brigians was proven to be a low-class outfit when, in 1 BBY, Han Solo destabilized the entire planets' new monetary system by making counterfeit copies of the insecure currency, with a duplicator.



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