The New Republic Second Fleet was a major fleet unit of the New Republic Defense Fleet. Formed in 4 ABY after the Battle of Endor, the Second Fleet was one of the four original fleets of the New Republic Navy that fought in the New Republic liberation campaign up to the capture of Coruscant.[3]

The Second Fleet operated out of the New Republic redoubt in the Calamari sector. After a successful initial campaign in 4 ABY, the Second Fleet suffered a serious defeat after an Imperial raid on the Hast Shipyards, destroying dozens of ships and forcing a halt in operations in the galactic north. The Second Fleet would only sortie again in 5 ABY to halt the Stenax Massacres, defeating the Stenax at the Battle of Tharkos.[3]

From 8 ABY, the Second Fleet became a major New Republic defensive command based at Elom in the Borderland Regions. It served as a rapid reaction fleet during the Thrawn campaign.[1]

Shortly before the Yevethan Great Purge in 16 ABY, the Second Fleet rotated back to Coruscant for home guard duty after patrolling Thunder Alley.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, prior to the Battle of Fondor the Second Fleet was stationed at Ralltiir. It later became the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet.



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