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New Republic Special Forces
Historical information
Formed from

Alliance Special Forces

Date founded


Date fragmented

27 ABY

Date reorganized

28 ABY (as GA Special Forces)

Other information

The New Republic Special Forces, also known as New Republic SpecForces, was a special operations service division within the military of the New Republic. They served within the New Republic Army which itself was part of the New Republic Defense Force.


It was the successor of Alliance Special Forces and was formed shortly after the Alliance to Restore the Republic took the galactic capital of Coruscant. After the establishment of the New Republic, the Special Forces continued their service to the new government and remained under the command of General Crix Madine until his death. Compared to their Rebel Alliance predecessors the New Republic SpecForces were better trained and had better equipment though tended to possess less experience. They became a vital resource in the continued war against the Galactic Empire until the resignation of Chief of State Mon Mothma. After that period, the Special Forces were used in defensive operations and as a quick deployment force in times of conflict.[1] It was reorganized as the Galactic Alliance Special Forces in 28 ABY.



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