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This article is about the Old Republic-era Empire founded by Darth Ruin. You may be looking for the One Sith.
New Sith Empire
Political information
Type of government

Magocratic/Theocratic Empire

Head of State

Dark Lord of the Sith

Head of Government

Dark Lord of the Sith


Dark Lord of the Sith

Legislative branch

Sith Council

Societal information
Official language

Galactic Basic Standard

State religious body


Historical information
Date established

c.2000 BBY

Date fragmented

pre-1042 BBY

Date reorganized

1010 BBY (as the Brotherhood of Darkness)


Old Republic era

The New Sith Empire was founded by Darth Ruin, and was the vast area of galactic territory formed out of the Fourth Great Schism, which the Sith ruled over with an iron fist.


At its height during the New Sith Wars, it was even greater than the old Sith Empire of Naga Sadow, Exar Kun and Darth Revan; following the Battle of Mizra and during the Republic Dark Age, it encompassed a great percentage of the known galaxy.

At some point, the Sith Lord Quorlac Fornayh began attempts to place himself as the ruler of the Empire. In order to gain the necessary advantage, he began using Sith alchemy to mutate Rancors into fearsome war beasts known as Coloi. However, this long process meant that he grew old and by the time his creations were ready, the Empire was slowly defeated by the Republic. In order to survive, Fornayh left his creations in stasis and his spirit remained in existence where it waited for the opportune time to resurrect himself by transferring his essence into a clone body.

Prior to 1042 BBY the Empire collapsed in a civil war and fragmented into smaller states led by warring self-proclaimed Sith Lords, including such states as the Chagras Hegemony. From the ashes, the former Jedi Master, now Sith Lord Skere Kaan established the Brotherhood of Darkness in 1010 BBY.

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