The Nhoras were a sentient species that had been enemies of their neighbors the Clatear since around 580 BBY. They both lived in a sector perhaps near Cilpar. Five generations of Jedi had unsuccessfully tried to resolve their vendetta.

When the Clatear came under Imperial occupation, the Nhoras enjoyed the benefits of being ignored by the Empire as well as the Clatear. Unfortunately for the Nhoras, when the Empire pulled out, the Clatear found themselves with a well-armed military force. During the Caamas Document crisis, with the New Republic apparently either unwilling or unable to interfere with local conflicts, the Clatear-Nhoras conflict began to heat up once more. The Nhoras hired mercenaries, such as the Dhashaan Shield, the retired pirate Dharus, and possibly the Soskin Guard, to help even the odds.



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