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This article is about the faction. You may be looking for the Queen Mother of the same name.

The Ni'Korish was an anti-Jedi faction that had formed based on the views of the Hapan Queen Mother Ni'Korish. They consisted usually of former Hapan Navy personnel who had become pirates, and they all wore some article of red clothing. Later, some members (along with some unaffiliated Hapan citizens) had also joined the Peace Brigade.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, this faction was under the control of Ta'a Chume, and there had been several Ni'Korish plots to kill off Teneniel Djo. All attempts were thwarted except the last one, which resulted in the poisoning death of Djo in 27 ABY.

Ta'a Chume then decided that the Ni'Korish had outlived its usefulness, so she turned on them. All known members of the Ni'Korish were then rounded up and executed for the murder of Teneniel Djo.



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