Nishaw law

Select laws of Ni'Shaw.

Ni'Shaw was a minor god of war and wisdom in the Jydan religion of V'shar.


Ni'Shaw was initially worshiped by the Unfyr warriors, but during this time, he only managed to have two prophets. Traditional Jydan religion required three prophets to write the teachings of each god in the Jydan Writings and his laws and ethos in the Volumes of Truth. This, and the Ka'hren tendency of not recording historical facts, led to Ni'Shaw being forgotten for centuries.

During the Rebellion era, Ni'Shaw was rediscovered by history scholar Kaltor Naklian of University of Timb while studying ancient Ka'hren tribes. During an archaeological expedition, Naklian discovered the writings of Ni'Shaw's two first prophets and a well-preserved rantok sword. Naklian considered this to be a sign from Ni'Shaw, who wanted him to become his Third Prophet.

Naklian founded the Ni'Shaw-Dak, a sect of Jydan devoted to worship Ni'Shaw, while at the same time paying tribute to the other gods. Due to Naklian obtaining fame for other reasons, Ni'Shaw-Dak grew quickly until it had 2.5 million members (most of the skilled rantok-wielding warriors) on 2 ABY, with an important representation in the government of V'shar.