Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry was a religion of the Ka'hren people, popular on V'shar.

Ni'Shaw-Dak worshiped Ni'Shaw, a minor god of war and wisdom that had been worship in ancient times by the Unfyr warriors. However, due to the Ka'hren tendency of not recording historical facts, Ni'Shaw was forgotten after the fall of the Unfyr. At that time, Ni'Shaw had only had two prophets, instead of the three traditional prophets to write his teachings in the sacred Jydan Writings and his laws and ethos in the holy Volumes of Truth.

Nishaw law

Select Laws of Ni'Shaw

During the Rebellion era, the Unfyr warriors and their culture were rediscovered by Kaltor Naklian, a teacher of Ka'hren history at the University of Timb. Naklian also discovered the forgotten art of rantok building and wielding. Soon afterwards, during an archaeological expedition in a cave, Naklian discovered the writings of the two prophets of Ni'Shaw, plus a well-preserved rantok.

Naklian considered it a sign of Ni'Shaw, who had chosen Naklian to become his Third Prophet. Naklian resigned from his job at the university and founded the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry as its first high priest. Naklian based the teachings of Ni'Shaw-Dak on Jydan, but also incorporated beliefs and practices of other ancient Ka'hren tribes.

Due to Naklian's fame as a scalphunter and as a Zulirian Swordmaster, his sect grew around V'shar, soon reaching more than two and a half million of followers (most of them skilled warriors). Due to V'shar's government being a demo-teocracy, Ni'Shaw-Dak soon had a great importance in political decisions on V'shar.

The hierarchy of Ni'Shaw-Dak included a leader of the religion, the Third Prophet (Naklian), who was assisted by twelve Al'ma'dens or popal priests. Under them, 1,728 shafars, or priests, were scattered through all the planet.

Ni'Shaw-Dak followers believed that innocent people following other religions were doomed, and thus killing them was not wrong.