Nib Nubbu was a male Sullustan, who lived during the early years of the Galactic Empire.


Nubbu worked with his sister Numa Nubbu, as a scam artist, and together they traveled from system to system, defrauding people. However, after the pair sold some non-functional power cells to a merchant on the planet Daimar, they were arrested and imprisoned. They spent months in prison and during that time, the Galactic Republic reformed into the Galactic Empire, and Daimar refused to submit to the new galactic government. When the Empire blockaded Daimar, King Mitar planned to send a group of individuals to make contact with his son, Torrin, on the world Byrsym. However, in order to find Torrin, the individuals would first need to meet with the Toydarian arms dealer Ballon. A security officer released Nubbu from prison so that he could use his underworld contacts to find Ballon, in exchange for letting Nubbu and his sister go free.

Traveling aboard the Wasaka, Nubbu and the other individuals participating the mission breached the Imperial blockade and made their way to Byrsym, where they eventually located Torrin.