Nibber Swoo was a male Rybet.


The early life of professional cabbie Nibber Swoo was a mystery. He was licensed by the government of Coruscant to travel outside the magnetic traffic-lines of the city-planet. Zooming through the city canyons in his red, open-topped Barkhetta, he had an uncanny habit of pulling up whenever someone needed a lift. Of course, if he had to evade blaster-toting pursuers, he would charge double, though often looking back over his shoulder to take a pot-shot with his trusty hold-out blaster.

His cousin worked for a funeral home, where he operated an organic disintegrator. After-hours, he did a roaring trade disposing of bodies for shady figures in the local underworld. As such, Nibber Swoo was often a source for secondhand information about local criminal activity.

Nibber Swoo's 'interpretations' of skylane regulations frequently put him at loggerheads with Coruscant Security Force Lieutenant Ia, who considered Swoo her professional nemesis.

Personality and traitsEdit

High-strung and irritable, Swoo would launch into a spittle-flying fury whenever he was cut off by a cargo hauler or pulled over by Coruscant Security for a speeding violation.