"I wouldn't be much help to you anyway. I just race. Don't know about anything else."
―Nico to Revan[src]

Nico Senvi was a male green Twi'lek. He was one of the swoop racers that Revan met in Anchorhead 3956 BBY and the local favorite. Nico was a skilled swoop pilot, ready to tackle the intergalactic circuit. He was offered a contract by Motta that would allow him to race as a pro, but declined since the Hutt would collect most of his winnings.

Behind the scenesEdit

The problem regarding Nico's contract with Motta is a sidequest on Tatooine. The player can either help Nico get a better contract (light side choice), or force him into taking the current contract (dark side). Because the canon storyline features a light-side Revan, it can be believed that Revan helped Nico get a better contract.


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