Nierport VII was a small, desolate moon in the Colonies region of the galaxy—one of seven such moons that orbited the planet Eeropha in the Eeropha system.

An impoverished backwater satellite along the Hydian Way—cold, barren and bleak—Nierport Seven had only one settlement, but served as a convenient refueling stop for pilots traveling to Coruscant. A few small guesthouses and a café called "Food and Drink" catered to pilots who could not afford even the low prices Eeropha charged.

Nierport's populace clustered around the refueling station, living and laboring in buildings built of thick blocks of stone designed to keep out the wind and cold.

Native to the moon was the claing bush, which alone comprised the satellite's meager vegetation. The thorny plant bloomed in a month-long summer that gave way to a numbingly cold and frigid year.

Nierport VII was the homeworld of Granta Omega, who left it as a youth to attend, by way of Senatorial sponsorship, the prestigious All Science Research Academy, from which he graduated in 33 BBY. Throughout his training years, Omega never returned to the Eeropha satellite, not even for the funeral of his mother. In later years, however, following his growth and training, he would return. He did so—making his return a habit—whenever he failed or lost in any endeavor, business or otherwise: such as when his titanite mineral venture on the planet Haariden was foiled by the Jedi in 26 BBY.[4]

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In the 2002 novel Jedi Quest: The Master of Disguise by Jude Watson, in which Nierport VII first appeared, the system was stated to be within the Core, near Coruscant. However the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the system in the Colonies region.



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