The Nierre family were a first-wave valley human family on the planet Jelucan during the Age of the Empire. Members of the family had blonde hair and pale, white skin. The patriarch of the family worked as an Imperial communications monitor, reporting on private meetings and messages. When Ciena Ree was thirteen years old, Nierre was accused of abusing his position and a complaint was filed to the local Imperial governor.[1]

Ciena and her family were among the local families that stood by the Nierres during their hour of trial. As a mark of solidarity, these families planted several flags and poles on the long trench outside the Nierre household. Per tradition, one member of every loyal family was required to remain with the Nierres until their name had been cleared. Ciena was picked to represent her family, who declared that no one should ever want to hide information from the Empire and that the Nierre's accusers lacked honor. If the complaint was upheld, it was believed that the family would share their patriarch's disgrace forever.[1]

In the end, the accusers backed down and accepted the Imperial version of events. The Nierre family and their supporters including the Rees celebrated the Nierre family's acquittal. When Ciena's mother Verine Ree was falsely accused of embezzling funds and fraud, her father Paron Ree was upset that the Nierres and the other valley dwellers had not reciprocated their help.[1]


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