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Z-95 Headhunter

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"How can the Blobfish get away with this? Because he controls everything in Niima—including the muscle. That's the way it's always been going back to Niima the Hutt, who was the first to put a beacon in the desert. Niima ran Jakku until a bounty hunter shot her down. Since then, the Blobfish has operated on the same principle of might makes right."
Rey, on Unkar Plutt[src]

Niima was an enterprising female Hutt scoundrel who operated far from the borders of Hutt Space, a province of the galaxy that became embroiled in conflict as the Hutts attempted to carve up the deceased crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure's territory. She was the first to organize salvage collection efforts on the planet Jakku following the Battle of Jakku and established Niima Outpost. Though Niima was later killed by a bounty hunter, Niima Outpost continued to bear her name.[1] It was rumored that a group who worshiped the Hutts as gods constructed their village around the cranial mantle of Niima herself, gilded in precious metals and covered with jewels, following her demise.[2]

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