Niiriit Esh, crèche-sister to Shoon-mi Esh, was a Yuuzhan Vong Shamed One living in the dark underbelly of Yuuzhan'tar, the former capital of the New Republic. A former Warrior, Niiriit was shamed in a defeat during one of the battles of the Yuuzhan Vong War, but her spirit was not defeated.[1]

Niiriit was part of one of the many, independent Shamed One groups, and revered the Jedi Knights as the future saviors of her people. When Nom Anor was brought to her group she was initially suspicious of him, but after a while, she realized the benefits he could bring them. She also began to enjoy his company, and Niiriit was the only one among the Shamed Ones that Nom Anor appeared to have any respect for. Niiriit sacrificed herself for Nom Anor and the others of her group when attacked by warriors during the quiet of night. Her death scream almost made Nom Anor stay and fight—but only for a moment.[1]



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