Niklas Cories was a male Human, who worked as an assassin. He often used thermal detonators to eliminate his targets.[1]


A noted musician and singer, Cories was son of a wealthy entrepreneur in the Outer Rim. He had a grudge against the Hutts, who had put out numerous contracts on his head.[1]

Under the alias of Aphus Polix, Cories gained a job helping out the band Distraction and he kept his work as an assassin secret from them. He traveled with them while they toured the Outer Rim, and he had a brief relationship with Aquella Firth, a fan of the band. When she dumped him, he wanted revenge, so arranged for her to gain tickets for a concert the band were playing aboard the starship Sleemo Poya Jeedai, where he planned to attack her. He kidnapped Ushka Et, a member of the band, an then masqueraded as her during the concert, where he attempted to throw a thermal detonator into the crowd.


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