"You repair droids?"
"We do. We have cleverly concealed that information on the sign outside, the blinking apparatus that reads NINGAL'S DROID REPAIR."
Han Solo, visiting the shop while in disguise, and the shop owner[src]

Ningal's Droid Repair was a shop located on Vannix. It specialized in the maintenance and repair of droids, including memory wipes.

Han Solo once brought R2-D2 to this shop under false pretenses while being followed by covert Vannix agents, in order to pass on falsified information embedded in R2's memory. R2-D2 feigned a personality malfunction in which he was incapable of conversing without unleashing a stream of insults.

As of 27 ABY, the shop was run by an aged Human male with a sarcastic attitude. He did not accept New Republic credits and insisted on bartering for power cells.



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