"We're not leaving. Serving you has been an honor. If you stay, we stay."
―Dayn and Nira[src]

Nira was a Bith that, along with Dayn, served as a chef to Jedi Master Kai Hudorra following his acquisition of The Lucky Twi'lek on Kestavel.


Both Nira and Dayn had been serving Hudorra for some time when Dass Jennir, Beyghor Sahdett, and the crew of the Uhumele arrived at the casino in search of him.

After Sahdett's betrayal, the two Bith helped clean up the bodies and debris. When Hudorra tried to force his remaining staff to flee in advance of the upcoming Imperial attack, Nira, along with Dayn, Bryti, Kal, and Shaylai Veila, reaffirmed their loyalty to the Jedi Master, refusing to abandon him. The pair would later prepare a final feast, as there would be little use for the food assuming the casino's destruction in the upcoming attack. The duo would sit between Veila and Bomo Greenbark during the meal itself, where the Bothan told everyone that only he and Jennir would be staying.

Later, as Darth Vader and his stormtroopers marched across the bridge to the casino, Nira was already aboard the Uhumele. Both Nira and Dayn would be witness to Hudorra's final message, recorded on a holodisc given to Jennir by Bryti, wishing that the Force be with them.

Behind the scenesEdit

The two Bith are both named by Bryti, but it is unclear exactly which one is Nira and which is Dayn. The taller, blue-eyed Bith wore red garments, whereas the shorter green-eyed one wore brown/green ones.