The Nish were a near-Human species from the planet of Nishr.


Their homeworld was garrisoned in 2 BBY by the Empire, and tensions between the natives and the Imperial troops led to an uprising, defeated in the bloody Nishr Suppression in 0 ABY. Many Nish were killed, and their three largest cities were bombed. Because of this, the Rebel Alliance subsequently deployed the Nishr Taskforce to support local resistance, but the majority of the Nish remained afraid of further reprisals by the Imperial Army. Nevertheless, some did join the Rebels in the Nishr Campaign, and effective Imperial control was eventually confined to the mountains around their garrison base.

It is not known what the eventual outcome of the war was, as the Rebels and the Nish lacked the raw strength or specialist skill to challenge the garrison directly, while the Imperials did not consider Nishr valuable enough to send reinforcements to restore control. This is mostly because during the time of the Galactic Empire, they remained largely in a feudal society, but industrial cities and steam technology were developing in the southern regions of Feldt. The Nish were known to have a low-light vision and could detect invisible enemies. Some Nish were in the Rebellion and worked alongside Bothan spies.