This article is about the character Nivek. You may be looking for the planet, Nivek.

Nivek was one of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's minions, one of six men recruited by Bib Fortuna to assassinate the Hutt.


When Bib and his would-be assassins entered the throne room to find Jabba and his courtiers under attack by marauding freckers brought in by Gru'um Ropple, Bib, who wanted Jabba taken alive so he could pry the Hutt's secrets from him, called off the assassination attempt and ordered Nivek and the others to kill the freckers and rescue Jabba. All six of Bib's co-conspirators were killed in the ensuing fight, although Nivek did not die from frecker bites like the others. Instead, Nivek, blinded by the creatures and firing wildly, began yelling about "the plan" (meaning the plan to overthrow Jabba) and Bib, fearing discovery, shot Nivek and killed him, pretending to be trying to hit one of the freckers on him.



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