The No-Show was a personal sensor jammer. Sought after by thieves and Alliance Special Forces Infiltrators, the Alliance designed No-Show was a wrist worn device very much like a wrist watch that projected a skintight electromagnetic sheath around the wearer.[2] This field essentially acted to scramble the biosignature and energy emissions of the wearer, and obscured the wearers thermal, infrared, and sonic signature from sensors, but also rendered the wearer essentially invisible on most active and passive sensors and scanners - as well as inaudible to the ear.[3] However, the field would also interfere with any scanners, sensors, or communication devices held by the—something potentially fatal to an infiltrator or thief. Although developed by the Alliance and commercially built by Audio Performance Incorporated,[1] criminal elements of the galaxy learned to build their own versions of the device during the years of the New Republic.[2]



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