"So this is a Jedi rescue ship."
"Yep. My little kingdom."
"Looks kind of beat up."
Klin-Fa Gi to Uldir Lochett[src]

The No Luck Required was a Corellian YZ-775 medium transport owned by Uldir Lochett during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The freighter officially served with the Space Rescue Corps, but was used as part of the network to rescue Jedi from the Peace Brigade, with a crew consisting of Uldir himself, his Corellian first mate Vega Sepen, the Dug Leaft and the Duro Vook Gehu, plus the astromech UV-002.

The No Luck Required was heavily modified, exchanging the cargo hold and one of the turbolaser turrets for a hangar carrying four RZ-1 A-wing interceptors in a rotating launch-frame. The remaining weapons turret was refitted with a powerful cesium-vapor turbolaser and a proton torpedo launcher.

Probably the ship's most famous adventure occurred when Lochett rescued the rogue Jedi Klin-Fa Gi on Bonadan. The ship was forced to blast out of drydock with running repairs incomplete, suffered hyperdrive sabotage and airlock damage when Gi stole one of the A-wings, and then had to do battle with coralskippers guarding the enemy-held world of Wayland as her captain tried to prevent the young Jedi falling to the Dark Side.

While Lochett pursued Gi on Wayland, Vega and the rest of the crew worked to effect repairs, scavenging parts and fuel from the wreck of an old Imperial battle cruiser at one of the planet's Lagrange points. As they completed repairs, however, they found themselves trapped between Yuuzhan Vong forces and another vessel that had been hiding behind the cruiser's wreckage: a compact, powerful warship of unknown type, apparently a droid craft.

Faced with attackers ahead and astern, Sepen was able to maneuver so that the Yuuzhan Vong and the droid ship began to fight each other. After picking up Gi and Lochett, the No Luck Required moved to intercept the Yuuzhan Vong slave transport carrying Bey Gandan in deep space. After rescuing the transport and the slaves, and skirmishing with Tsaa Qalu's ship Throat Slasher, the No Luck Required escaped first to Yag'Dhul, where it found itself briefly caught up in the Yuuzhan Vong assault, and subsequently to Thyferra.

After the foiling of a Yuuzhan Vong plot to sabotage bacta, the No Luck Required and its crew, now joined by Klin-Fa Gi, headed off for a rest-break, before presumably resuming their duties with the Rescue Corps.

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The text of Greg Keyes's short story "Emissary of the Void" suggests that the No Luck Required's remaining turbolaser mounting sits on the ship's topside, and carries a single weapon, while the launch-frame for the starfighters is carried internally on the underside, with the fighters deploying one-by-one through a hatch in the hull. The accompanying illustration by Jeffery Carlisle, however, shows a double-barreled turbolaser to starboard, and what appears to be an external wheel for the A-wings to port. Furthermore, pixel scaling of the illustration shows that either the A-Wing is ~6 meters long, or the No Luck Required is ~85 meters long. Since both of these dimensions contradict the stated figures for the A-Wing and YZ-775, the only possible explanation for this discrepancy is that the illustration depicts a different class of Corellian ship entirely.



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