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Noa Briqualon's starship was a scout vessel piloted by Noa Briqualon and Salak Weet.

Early service Edit

Noa, Salak and the ship set out to map gravity fields for hyperspace navigation of the less traveled parts of the galaxy. On their first mission their ship was caught in the complex gravity fields between Endor and it's Forest Moon. Noa and Salak were able to make an emergency landing. However, in the process their crystal oscillator shattered, in effect rendering the ship powerless. Soon after their emergency landing, Salak set out in search of help and possibly a replacement crystal oscillator to repair their ship. Salak never returned, and Noa continued to work on the ship.

It is unknown if both Salak and Noa, or if just Noa hid the ship, but sometime after their arrival on the Forest Moon of Endor, the ship was hidden in the brush. The type, class, name, date of manufacture and history prior to its use by Noa and Salak are unknown. Given the size of the ship it is likely a scout-class or small freighter/transport ship. The ship seemingly has more fire-power than a Correllian YT-1300. It has two turbolaser turrets below the wings, slightly forward facing (one on either side of the main hull). It has at least one computer-guided Turbolaser turret above the wing (possibly one other on the other side) as well as several forward facing blasters. The ship features two main ion drives and is hyper-drive equipped.

Battle with Sanyassan Mauraders and escape From Endor Edit

It can be said that the ship is a durable design. After sitting on the surface of the Forest Moon of Endor exposed to the elements for several decades, the ship easily powered up and was still space-worthy. At some point in time prior to 3ABY the ship took part in battling the Sanyassans. It gave the Ewoks a tactical advantage and the Sanyassan Mauraders were easily defeated. After the battle was over, the ship departed with Noa and Cindel Towani aboard.


Noa's starship lifting off of the forest moon of Endor.

Noa's Ship Interior

Interior of Noa's starship.

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