Noah is a Star Wars fan for whom the Ewok Nho'Apakk is named. In 2008, Noah was seven years old and faced a serious operation that would require months of convalescence. Hasbro, whose headquarters was near Noah's home, invited the boy to visit their toy production studio. Noah admitted his love for Ewoks, and Hasbro, which was incidentally in the process of creating two new Ewok action figures, invited Noah to select two Ewok designs he liked from costume photographs taken during the production of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi; Noah selected Paploo and an unnamed white-furred Ewok. Hasbro honored the boy's choices, and production on the pair of figures progressed for several months. Eventually, Hasbro consulted with Lucasfilm Ltd. as to the identity of the white-furred Ewok, and the two parties determined the character had no official name. Hasbro suggested the character be named for Noah, so Lucasfilm provided the moniker "Nho'Apakk," an Ewokese version of the boy's name plus part of his last name.[1]

The Nho'Apakk figure was released in 2008 along with Paploo as part of Hasbro's Star Wars: The Legacy Collection line.[2]

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