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Noana Sowrs was a female Human Sector Constable and law enforcement officer of Taris Security on Taris.

In 3963 BBY, Sowrs faced a great struggle to reign in crime in the Lower City of Taris, in particular the Black Vulkars swoop gang. Although she reassured Senator Goravvus that she had a plan for the gangs, she was publicly hopeful that Jedi Padawans on Taris would remain stationed on Taris after they become Knights. Presumably, she hoped for their assistance in eliminating the gang menace, which was scaring off business interests like Lhosan Industries.


Constable Sowrs on duty.

Later, she assisted Jedi Master Lucien Draay in the attempt to apprehend the fugitives Zayne Carrick and Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph. However, Master Lucien refused Sowrs's help after Zayne and Gryph left the surface of Taris, telling Sowrs it was "a Jedi problem."

In the rioting that overtook Taris three weeks after Zayne's second escape, her two children, named Nahk and Tallie, were taken hostage by the mob and half of her forces fled offworld.

During the Siege of Taris, Sowrs joined the Taris Resistance, led by Goravvus himself. She was overjoyed when Nahk and Tallie were rescued by Zayne and the Hidden Beks, yet she still had her doubts on the young Jedi. She also noted that the speeder her children came on was her's, to which Gadon Thek claimed it was found with them.

When the plan backfired and Cassus Fett ambushed the resistance, Noana was forced to get her children off Taris. The only one she was able to pay was Del Moomo, member of the Moomo Brothers, an Ithorian bounty hunter group. Sowrs refused to leave the side of Senator Goravvus and stayed to fight the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians continued to push the resistance into the Undercity where Sowrs became ambushed by rakghouls. However, Sowrs had been infected with the Rakghoul plague. The Jedi Celeste Morne came to her aid in cutting down the rakghouls. However, Morne discovered the infection and cut Sowrs down as she mutated.

Noana Sowrs being killed by Celeste Morne.


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