"Embrace the fear you feel, for in me you shall find—eh? Ghhhacck!"
you they'll find Bantha dung."
―Nobam Nol and Boba Fett, as the latter slays the former[src]

Nobam Nol was a prophet who was able to convince the people of the planet N'ildwab that he was a powerful Sith Lord, and as a result garnered a fervent following on the planet. Nol's brief reign of terror and illusion was brought to a halt by the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who summarily broke the faux-Sith's neck, killing him swiftly.


"The Sith come to me… I am the Sith. Those who will not see will feed me. Those who do see will be a part of me."
―Nobam Nol[src]

Nobam Nol was a male Human supposed prophet who had risen to prominence on the planet N'ildwab by 5 ABY. He was able to control the masses through illusions—by wiring remote explosives to controls within his gauntlets, Nol could simulate the appearance of generating destruction at will through the power of the Force. To that end, Nol posed as a Sith,[1] an ancient order to which historical figures such as Darth Vader, Exar Kun, and Skere Kaan had belonged.[2] Nol was specifically recognized by the people of N'ildwab as a Sith Lord, and he commanded fear among the throng of people on the planet. In 5 ABY, outside a settlement on the planet, Nol stood atop a pile of corpses near a mob of his followers.[1]

As those faithful to him attacked the settlement's walls, Nol began his oration, imploring the people within the settlement to acknowledge his power—those who denied it would apparently be consumed by Nol's power, while anyone who accepted his control would be a "part" of him. As the "Sith" began firing his remote explosives through his gauntlets, he continued his speech, calling upon the mass of people to embrace their fear of him. At that moment, a new arrival swiftly approached—the bounty hunter Boba Fett. The hunter swiftly struck at Nol's throat, breaking the pretender Sith Lord's neck and killing him instantly. Fett unceremoniously picked up Nol's body by the ankle and dumped it within the settlement. The settlement's inhabitants were shocked by Fett's ability to defeat a Sith Lord, until the hunter divulged the nature of Nol's deception.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Do you see who has the power?"
―Nobam Nol[src]

Nol was a skilled orator, able to use both technology and his own presence to inspire others to do his bidding. So powerful were his persuasive skills that he was able to convince a large group of people that he was a Sith Lord, despite using only technology to provide any evidence of the claim.[1]

Appearance, attire and equipmentEdit

"All trickery. His gloves are wired."
―Boba Fett[src]

Nol sported bandaged armor, a ragged cape, and a helmet that kept his face visible. He also wore gauntlets that were capable of triggering remote devices, giving the appearance of someone who had command of the Force.[1]

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Nobam Nol appears briefly in Andy Mangels' 1997 comic, Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction. The character has not appeared in any other works to date.



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