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Anoat Noble

"Her Majesty," a Nothoiin noble

"I live a privileged existence now. But like you, Vos, I too was taken from my home as an infant and raised in the Jedi Temple. It was only later in my life that I discovered my true heritage—a legacy of power and pedigree that was far too intimidating for the Council to accept."
―Count Dooku, to Quinlan Vos[src]

Nobles, also known as patricians[1] and colloquially as bluebloods,[2] were the members of the highest social class in certain societies. They typically held special titles (such as baron,[3] count,[4] and archduke[5]) and traditionally had more money and power than the other people in their society. Because of that, nobles tended to live a privileged existence, with servants, copious amounts of fine food and splendid residences.[1] Kings and their families, such as the House of Organa, were nobles.[1]

By the time of the New Republic, almost no one took the concept of hereditary nobility seriously any longer, not even those who belonged to the Elder Houses.[6]


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