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"I need a Nolarian 6000 drill immediately."
"Don't have one. There's a shortage. And the way the mining safety committee has been watching us, there will be for a good while."
―Dr. Lundi and a machinery dealer[src]

A Nolarian 6000 drill was a large piece of subaquatic mining equipment sold on the planet Nolar.[1] In 39 BBY,[2] there was a shortage of these drills. During that time, Quermian Dr. Murk Lundi attempted to purchase a Nolarian 6000 drill while trying to recover a Sith Holocron, only to have the dealer inform him of the shortage and that the mining safety committee was watching the situation.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nolarian 6000 drill was first mentioned in the 2002 young readers novel Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: The Followers, written by Jude Watson.


Notes and appearancesEdit

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