Nols was a male Human who ran the equipment store known as Farlander's Outfitting and Supply on a hangar deck level of the the Wheel space station. Nols was a slick salesman, and worked in the shop on the Wheel for much of his youth, giving him an intimate knowledge of the station and store. Due to his lack of travel however he was always eager to learn new information about other worlds and was easily impressed by exotic items he had not previously encountered. Nols ran the shop with the inventory droid CZ-332, and kept a diverse range of new and second hand gear in stock, usually being able to find anything he didn't have elsewhere on the Wheel of it was requested. He purschased second hand stock from customers but avoided buying stolen items to prevent trouble with the Wheel Security Force.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Nols first appeared in 2013 in Beyond the Rim, an adventure module written by Sterling Hershey for the Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying game, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. He was included as a character that players could potentially meet with whilst searching for information on the Wheel.


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