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"Target the craft called the Nomannic, a Corellian transport"
―Imperial officer[src]

The Nomannic was a standard Corellian YT-1300 transport that was a civilian transport passing through a customs checkpoint. It was the first craft of several to be inspected by an Imperial TIE Interceptor.


"Watch as the Nomannic flies through its flight path"
―Imperial officer[src]

The Nomannic was a standard YT-1300 transport that was white in colour and was lightly armed with a gun turret, only to defend itself if attacked.


"It bears a cargo of Spice as its manifest claims, so it may go."
―Imperial officer[src]

The transport was present at an Imperial customs checkpoint and flew a small path ending in front of a stationary TIE Interceptor "Gamma 1" the craft's pilot was ordered to target the craft and keep it in the Combat Multi-view Display and to watch as it flew slowly reaching the fighter's sensors. The ship's cargo was scanned to contain Spice which its manifest had claimed, so it was allowed to leave. The fighter was then told to inspect the other ships surrounding the customs checkpoint, which included a Lambda-class shuttle Startour 7, two transports Seinar T4D and Seinar T5D, a BFF-1 bulk freighter Elorac and a corvette Ritam. Meanwhile the transport entered Hyperspace.


The Nomannic's actions were recorded as part of a training simulation used to train future pilots. One of those pilots was Maarek Stele.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nomannic was first created in the LucasArts PC 1994 game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Its only appearance was in the Combat chamber's first TIE Interceptor training mission "Threat Dispay". The craft is coded "Blue" in the Combat Multi-view Display, indicating "Neutral" and ship that must be inspected as part of a "Primary" objective, which is to inspect all the ships in the area.

Interestingly enough the Nomannic also appears in the sequel to TIE Fighter Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. In the training mission "Inspection" which is an almost exact replica of the Combat chamber mission. Unlike, TIE Fighter not only can the player pilot any Imperial Fighter in the training mission, the player can play as a Rebel fighter and the game treats the scenario as its Rebel Territory, the transport performs the exact role down to its cargo being "Spices".

Nomannic is cinnamon backwards.


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