Nonessential Equipment Storage and Disposal Facility 456

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The Nonessential Equipment Storage and Disposal Facility 456 was an Imperial equipment depository on Sirpar. It was situated on a high desert plateau where it never rained. It was guarded by an eight-man squad of troops (under the leadership of Sergeant Nanda), armed Imperial Army engineers, and four Gamorrean watch-beasts.

The depository stored old TIE fighters, AT-ATs, AT-STs, juggernauts, tanks, airspeeders, droids, and various spare parts. It also stored vital starship repair parts, which were eventually stolen by Rebel Infiltrators disguised as Imperial recruits. The Rebels used a Ubrikkian SuperHaul cargo hauler skiff, which they also stole from the Empire, to transport the stolen goods to their designated pick-up point.


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