"Cadet Candidate Solo, which battle of the Noolian Crisis brought about the liberation of the Bothan sector? On what date was it fought?"
Han Solo's entrance examination at the Imperial Academy.[src]

The Noolian Crisis was a campaign launched by the Galactic Empire in 18 BBY as part of the Reconquest of the Rim to drive out the holdout forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the Southern Slice.

The campaignEdit

Following the fall of the Separatist world of Ando during the Clone Wars, Harch and Aqualish forces adopted a guerrilla strategy in the southern regions of the Slice. They began raiding Imperial supply chains and medical centers. After more funding and arms came into their hands they began to take territory, capturing the worlds of Nooli and Galboron, among others, and even pushed into the outskirts of Bothan Space. In response the Empire sent a task force under Captain Par Lankin who soundly defeated the raiders at the Battle of Galboron.


Because of its impact during the early Galactic Empire, the Noolian Crisis and its battles was frequently used as part of an entrance exam for the Imperial Academy. Han Solo, at the time about to enroll into the Imperial Academy, was asked for the date and battle in the Noolian Crisis that brought about the liberation of the Bothan sector.[1]




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