Noop Yeldarb was an elderly Human man from Roon who maintained the lightstation in the Cloak of the Sith. Although most of the lightstations scattered throughout the nebula were autonomous, it was Yeldarb's duty—along with the Roon Trade Guild—to ensure that pirates would not interfere with the lightstations' positions and draw unsuspecting travelers into a trap. The responsibility had been forced upon him by the nefarious Governor Koong, who had enslaved many natives of Roon.

It was during Yeldarb's tenure aboard the Umboo Lightstation that Mungo Baobab's Caravel was intercepted and captured by Koong, mistaking the explorer for Terrinald Screed. With Baobab's help, Yeldarb was able to escape the governor's grip and, in grateful return, point the treasure-hunter and his droid companions, R2-D2 and C-3PO, in the direction of the Roon system.

Following Koong's death, Yeldarb returned to the Umboo Lightstation and resumed his duties.



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