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Norbutal was a man who served in the Imperial Navy during the time of the Galactic Empire.


Norbutal was a crew member aboard the Star Destroyer Vector in 1 BBY, when it was sent to transport a sample of the blackwing virus to the world Khonji Seven. However, the virus leaked out, causing the majority of the ship's crew to turn into zombies. Norbutal and 29 of the other crew members took shelter inside the Sentinel-class landing craft Freebird, in the Destroyer's hangar bay. However, they were unable to leave the Vector, as the zombies had activated the ship's tractor beam.

Norbutal and the other crew members turned to cannibalism to survive. Ten weeks later, only Norbutal and six others were left alive, when Jareth Sartoris, a crew member from the Imperial prison barge Purge, took shelter inside the Freebird. Norbutal and the other crew members tried to subdue Sartoris, so that they could eat him. However, Sartoris threw Norbutal and some of the others out of a hatch and into the hangar, where they were killed by the zombies.


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