"Blast a great greenbark tree on the jungle's edge outside Gadrin, and the fish in a stream on the far side of Cloud Mountain may die. Why? Because when the great greenbark tree dies, it falls. Its roots are torn from the ground. A nest of juru ants is upended, spilling them into the midst of a pack of mulissiki. The ants bite, the mulissiki spray, and the ants die. The ants would have helped to fertilize the noroobo flowers, which would have fed the birds whose droppings provide nutrients that those distant fish count on to live. But the spoor is poor, and the fish are not fed, and they die. Because of the birds, because of the flowers, because of the mulissiki, because of the ants, because of the tree, because of the blast."

A noroobo flower was a type of plant that grew on the planet of Cularin. The flowers were fertilized by juru ants. During the time of the Clone Wars, a Tarasin using the moniker "native4all" mentioned the noroobo flower in a message that he posted on the Cularin holonet node.

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