Norrion Glidamir was a Lorrdian Human and a major in the Rebel Alliance.


Glidamir studied in the Galactic Outdoor Survival School and was a member of the Twilight Class. She excelled at the school, breaking the record of a previous class, and then went on to join the Rebel Alliance.[1]

An expert in urban survival, Glidamir became a major in the Rebel Alliance Army. She knew that her dean at the school, Barosa Warren, had became a threat to the Rebel Alliance and wrote a report about him.[1]

During the Battle of Archais, Glidamir's maneuvers were essential in rescuing Akul Witig's unit (probably Midnight Squadron or Storm Squadron) when they were trapped on Tylerin Enbankment.[1]

Glidamir took part in the attacks on Corint City, and behaved heroically, for which she was decorated.[1]

Soon afterwards, however, Glidamir died in service to the Rebel Alliance during the early battles of the Galactic Civil War.[1]


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