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The content of this article was cut.

This article covers a subject that was cut from the final version of a canon source. The subject has appeared in no other source and is therefore considered non-canon.

The Norton Asteroid Belt was in the Aquilaean system, between Aquilae and the Forbidden Systems.

When Luke Skywalker, Annikin Starkiller, Leia, Artoo, Threepio, Biggs and Windy (in microcases) escaped Gordon in a stolen Imperial starship, they headed into the Norton Asteroid Belt in an attempt to shake off pursuing Imperial hunter destroyers.

While they were able to destroy several, their starship was critically damaged and they evacuated above the planet Yavin.

Norton Three was apparently one of the asteroids.

Behind the scenesEdit

The scenes in the asteroid belt inspired the events in the Hoth system belt in Episode V.



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