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This article is about the Human student interested in the Sith. You may be looking for a planet or anything in its system.

Norval was a dark-haired Human youth who studied Sith lore on Coruscant circa 38 BBY. When his professor, Murk Lundi, took a sabbatical to scour Kodai for a long-lost Sith holocron, Norval was disheartened to not accompany his mentor.

Devising his own plan to obtain the artifact, Norval trailed Lundi to the planet, followed by another pupil, Omal. It was only Omal's bravery that prevented Norval from succeeding in his quest: once Lundi found the holocron, Omal's actions lost it in a deep geyser.

Lundi was imprisoned for ten long years, eventually returning to Kodai in 29 BBY under the supervision of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. Norval was there to greet the trio; in the decade that had passed, the ex-student had immersed himself in Jedi and Sith history, even going so far as to construct a rudimentary lightsaber.

Norval regained the holocron and made his way to Lundi's native Ploo system, with the pair of Jedi on his heels. Although he hoped to sell the artifact, his plan was foiled by Kenobi, who successfully acquired the holocron by infiltrating his ship.

Their faith in him lost, Norval's accompanying mercenaries turned on their leader when he tried to flee from the Jedi. Norval, once a bright, promising youth at the center of the galaxy, perished in a a hail of laser fire that obliterated his vessel.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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