Noshow was a group of 16 Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles that originally belonged to the Rebel Alliance but were stolen by Imperial Special Forces.


Originally in the Rebel Alliance, the Empire stole the shuttles and brought them to an abandoned and forgotten Asteroid Hangar Iron Mine in the Talcim Cluster. They planned to use the shuttles to unleash biological warfare operations on Rebel sympathetic worlds as part of a frame up against the Alliance. However, the plan was complicated by a Rebel strike force consisting of X-wings, B-wings and A-wings on a hit and run strike against the facility. Noshow was launched with TIE Interceptors as fighter escort as a result and the Rebels changed priorities to destroying the shuttles as they inspected the shuttles and realized their intentions not wishing to let even one escape. TIE Avengers from Avenger Squadron and Assault Gunboats were also dispatched as they attacked the Rebel fighters from behind.

Behind the scenesEdit

The outcome depends on which side the player takes.