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"Fight for Prince Lee-Char!"
―Nossor Ri betrays Riff Tamson[src]

Nossor Ri was a Quarren chieftain who conspired with the Karkarodon Riff Tamson to make the Quarren allies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Nossor Ri later noticed his mistake, however, and rejoined the Galactic Republic after betraying Tamson and fighting droid forces with the Mon Calamari.


Becoming a Separatist pawnEdit


Nossor Ri, Separatist pawn

About 21 BBY, after the mysterious death of King Yos Kolina, tensions began to grow between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari. Chieftain Nossor Ri was the one leading his people at this time of crisis. Backed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and convinced by a Separatist envoy by the name of Riff Tamson, who would later be revealed as Yos Kolina's murderer, Ri presented the claims of his people in front of the Mon Calamari Council in the capital. Ri expressed the disagreement of the Quarren to elect Yos Kolina's son, Prince Lee-Char, as the next ruler of the Calamari system. In the end Nossor Ri, Tamson, and the Quarren left the gathering disgruntled by the results of the peace talks. But before leaving, the Chieftain approached Lee-Char, who by that point had lost all hope for peace, and Ri expressed his condolences and admiration for Lee-Char's father.

All the happenings were all machinations by Count Dooku and Riff Tamson to bring the planet to the Separatist side of the conflict. Ri had agreed to do so as he felt he was doing what was best for his people. Little did he know that Dooku and Tamson were planning to put all the inhabitants of Dac in chains and use them as slaves.

All the events led to the Battle of Mon Cala, which Nossor Ri took part in and observed from away. During the initial attack, the Quarren and Aqua droids retreated. Nossor Ri was puzzled by the situation as he anticipated the droids to be defeated by the Jedi. Tamson then brought in the the secret weapons that would win the battle.

The attack proceeded as planned and the opposing forces were driven into hiding. Although the Quarren were supposed to be part of the last push against the Jedi and the Mon Calamari, Nossor Ri decided to hold off his forces as he felt that Tamson was certain to win. This attitude and disobedience by the Chieftain angered the Karkarodon. Grabbing the Quarren by his tentacled face, Tamson threatened to kill Ri if he did so again.

Search for Lee-CharEdit

After the initial victory, Nossor Ri and Riff Tamson situated themselves at the Central palace of the Mon Calamari capital. From there they monitored the situation and started the search for the Lee-Char and his allies. Count Dooku contacted the victors and insisted they press on and take full control of the planet. During the conversation, Ri spoke with concern for the captured Mon Calamari and wished to know if the women and children will be spared the fate of a slave. Dooku with fury silenced the Quarren leader and insisted all Mon Calamari be sent to work as slaves. This was the first sign that Ri saw of the Confederacy's ruthless policy towards prisoners of war and started to have doubts about his decision to join the Separatists. All he did at that moment was just obey the Count's orders.

When the Jedi and Mon Calamari troops tried to escape to the Republic ship on the ocean surface, Nossor Ri was contacted by the one of soldiers that engaged the enemy forces. Tamson pushed Ri aside and ordered the Quarren to allow the Jedi and Prince to get to the ship. Then he sprung the trap and the ship was destroyed in front of the eyes of the Prince to make him lose all hope of escape.

Shortly after, the Jedi disrupted the Separatist communications by destroying a building that housed Dac's Inner-planetary scanners; this was reported to Nossor Ri and Tamson. Ri pointed out that there was nothing on the scope prior to this. As expected, a huge force containing mostly Gungan warriors was on the way. However, Tamson expected this to happen and warned the chieftain that another attack would come soon. The one group of that featured the Prince himself, who started to free prisoners, while another engaged the droid forces at the site of the destroyed scanners. Nossor Ri was left alone at the Palace as Tamson went in search for the Prince. Nossor Ri was informed of both attacks and contacted Tamson to report on the situation. The Quarren leader proposed a retreat of all Separatist forces, but Tamson decided to send Trident-class assault ships to both locations, while he also joined the battle in which the the Prince was present so he could finish him once and for all.

After Tamson received news that the Prince was captured, Nossor Ri was shocked to learn that Tamson was taking the throne instead of the Quarren. He finally came to realize that serving the Confederacy was his true mistake, and that the Quarren were used since Tamson was the one who murdered the King. Nossor Ri was then requested by Prince Lee-Char to turn on his Separatist allies and help Lee-Char drive them from Mon Calmarai. Nossor Ri refused until Lee-Char was about to be executed. Nossor Ri couldn't allow the young prince to die for everything he had done, so he immediately swam to save him. He ordered the Quarren to join Lee-Char and the Republic forces to defeat the Separatists. After the battle was won, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren were united again, and they were all present where the Prince became the King of Dac.



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