Notru'denn was a male Twi'lek who lived around the time of the formation of the Galactic Empire.


Notru'denn worked as the personal assistant of the Alderaanian noblewoman Lady Alya Aldrete. He attended the launch of the luxury repulsortrain Gem of Alderaan and during it, Aldrete sent him to speak to a group of the guests, who had attracted her attention. He invited them into his office and they revealed to him that they were agents of the Alderaanian Resistance and that they wanted Aldrete's help to gain clearance codes to travel to the Deep Core. He agreed to help and told Aldrete about them. However, moments later, the Gem was attacked by Trandoshan mercenaries and they cut its communications. Notru'denn gave the resistance agents two sporting blasters that he had hidden beneath his desk and told them to go and stop them. He remained behind and tried to restore the communications systems so that he could send out a distress call.