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"Nova. My name is Nova."

Nova was a female Jedi Padawan from the time of the Great Sith War. She was orphaned when her parents' starship crash-landed on the planet Vigil, where she was rescued from the wreckage by Lian Dray. When Dray attempted to probe her mind to learn about her past, she sensed the dark side in him and unintentionally threw him into a nearby lake. Later, when the Sith apprentices Xash and Sindra attempted to capture her, Dray defeated them, but used the dark side in the fight and frightened Nova. She ran from the camp, but was captured by Sith sorcerer Thannor Keth. Dray soon rescued her, but they were attacked by Keth. After Dray was nearly killed, he and Nova combined their Force powers to form a shield of light side energy that killed Keth. Dray then took Nova to Ossus, where she could begin her formal Jedi training.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Nova was created by author Paul Danner and appeared in the short story titled Light and Shadow, which was set during the time of the Great Sith War. Light and Shadow was originally slated to feature in one of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journals, but was never published therein. Thus, the characters (Nova included), places, and events of Light and Shadow are not considered part of canon.

The story can now be found on the internet at the Star Wars Fanboy Association. Danner has had five other short stories published in various Star Wars Adventure Journals; One of a Kind, Small Favors, The Last Hand, No Disintegrations, Please, and Two for One.