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Nova 3 was a Rebel Alliance space station near the Ferrous Aurora Nebula in the Yavin system. By 1.5 ABY, the station had already been destroyed long ago and was left to rot in the war-ridden system. The area around the station was littered with fragments of destroyed starships and asteroids, split by heavy fire from all sides. Imperial starfighters patrolled the area, searching for Rebel starfighters and Ni'lyahin Smugglers.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nova 3 was a space station in the space area of the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. It is described as "a long-time destroyed Rebel space station", though the game does not specify when the station was destroyed. Other space stations of the same unidentified class include the unidentified Imperial space station in the game's tutorial and an unidentified station near Nova Orion Station in the Bright Jewel system.



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