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"Your division has failed me and blood must be shed if I'm to feel better."
Warlord Zsinj[src]

Novin Bress was a scientist at Binring Biomedical Product.


Bress was a Human male, with a lean build and greying hair. A member of the special operations division at Binring's facility on Saffalore, Bress was part of Project Chubar. After discovering the possibility of escaped test subjects, Warlord Zsinj called Bress and Edda Gast to Iron Fist to explain.

Doctor Gast calmly explained to Zsinj that it was feasible for test subjects to have escaped the explosion that Tuzin Gast set. Zsinj was angered, and set two blaster pistols before Bress and Gast as if to invite them to commit suicide.

Instead, Gast fired her pistol directly against Novin Bress's chest, killing him instantly and satisfying Zsinj.


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